Saturday, August 3, 2013

Missing Hair Bands

As you all know, the cats rule the roost around here. They are all good cats and generally well behaved. One of Sandi's favorites is a little boy Virgil. He is always getting into something. Either trying to get the other boys to chase him or to wrestle. He enjoys racing around the house at warp speed, dashing up the giant scratching posts we have, usually knocking them over. All of this only further endears him to Sandi. One of his most favorite things to do is to sneak into one of Sandi's drawers and steal her hair bands. He brings them downstairs and plays soccer with them for awhile. When he gets tired of this he usually will deposit them into a water bowl or if available, the toilet. When this happens guess who gets to go fishing?
 While doing some painting the other day I had to move the refrigerator. Jackpot! A load of missing hair bands. I tried to keep them out of sight from Virgil only to find two of them in the toilet a few minutes later.
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