Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Do

I've mentioned how hot this summer has been. Everyday has been hotter than the last with relentless humidity. So hot, we just have not been outside enough. Gypsy hates hot weather. We limit the car rides, don't go on our walks, and spend too much time inside.
Hey, Dino is melting out there!
So when I took Gyp to the groomer the other day, I had the idea of getting her a summer haircut. All her life we've taken Gypsy to the same groomer and she does a great job keeping Gypsy beautiful.
I've got a natural beauty to me...
Yes, you are pretty. We always have the groomer do the standard haircut on her. Fluffy hair on top and tail with long ears. This time around I told her to clip her short, head, ears, tail, and make it high and tight.
Girls love to have a makeover!
I think she looks awfully cute. Sandi is not too crazy about it because you can see just how thin Gypsy is with the short hair. She looks like a refugee from a third world country.
I think the main thing is that Gypsy has to be more comfortable with less hair.
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