Friday, May 15, 2015

Leaving The Nest

When we moved here we had two trees in the yard. One was about five foot tall and basically a stick. The other was a pine that had the top broken off and so we called it our pine bush. Our neighborhood used to be a corn field so, it was pretty barren. We planted trees and shrubs and we now have a total of 15 trees on our lot. They have really grown fast and I'm glad we took the initiative to plant them. Along with trees comes birds right? We have several feeders out and spend a great amount of time checking out the bird activity at the feeders. Gypsy also keeps an eye on the feeders. If we get too many Doves strolling around under the feeders Gyp will spring off the deck and give them a drive by, making them scatter. This spring I think we have about 6 or 7 nests in the yard. We saw the little guy above leave the nest. He perched in the tree for awhile, getting his wings together and Mom was right by his side.
We have had Blue Birds in this house in the past but I think this year it was taken over by Sparrows. They are squawking things. They have not left the nest yet and the parents are diligent about bringing them food.
I think this little guy was the runt of the litter. He had some difficulty getting air borne. He spent some time hopping around on the ground and finally took a perch on the fence. He eventually was able to take off.
We keep a close eye on Gypsy this time of year just in case she finds a little baby that might have fallen from the nest.

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