Saturday, March 4, 2017

NO BELLS Returns

No Bells (not his real name) is the cat that lives across the street. When our neighbors moved in, we soon noticed piles of bird feathers in the yard and quickly found their cat guilty of bird murder. We suggested that maybe they attach a bell to the cats collar, giving the birds at least a chance. They never did the bell thing. Thus, the name No Bells. Now that I think about it, attaching a bell to a cats collar would probably drive the cat crazy. Over the years we've become attached to No Bells. He comes to the front door, sending our cats into a frenzy. He just looks at them as if to say "hey, I'm outside and you guys are not...losers!" He then slowly turns his back to our cats, ignoring them.
We haven't seen much of No Bells recently. I occasionally see him down the street in a cat stare down with a few of the new cats in the neighborhood. No Bells keeps a close eye on his turf.
We haven't found any piles of birds feathers in the yard in many months. No Bells must be slowing down in his old age. At least he still comes over for a visit.
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