Saturday, September 2, 2017

Gypsy...The End

Gypsy Gal
Well, this is my 409th and last blog about our sweet, quirky Poodle. Like most dog bloggers, I started this to document Gypsy's life with us and now she is gone.
I still find myself looking for her in the backyard or when I come home from work I expect to see her at the door. We are still very sad over loosing her. The thing is, she had about a perfect dogie life. A long, healthy life. She was always by our side, where she wanted to be. So, we are focusing on how happy she was, always smiling. aka: Smiley
The pics below are a few that I think show what she was all about. She loved to jump, run, play with Dino, and have "Poodle Days." She loved the snow and being on the boat. She loved that we celebrated her birthday by ordering her a cheese burger. (no bread) She was a Dignified Clown. Always willing to play a game of tag with Sandi in the backyard.
Looking through all the pictures of her made me realize she was the most photographed member of our family.
Can somebody tell me how pretty I am???
You were a pretty girl Gyp, very sweet too. Thanks for touching our hearts for 12 years.

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