Monday, May 14, 2012

Gypsy the Guard Dog

The last thing I do every night is take Gypsy out, through the garage, into our fenced back yard one last time. Did you note I said "fenced" back yard? What a plus that is for a dog. Gypsy usually will leap from the garage, out the rear door and into the back yard. She will run a lap or two and then do her thing. Sometimes, if the neighbors cat is in the yard she will give a bark but she really isn't that big of a barker. This weekend I let her out and she goes nuts. Barking loud to the point that it was almost a howl. Being dark, I open the door a bit more to shed some light on the area and Gypsy is standing in front of an intruder! A teenage boy, I'd say around 16 or 17 was standing frozen with Gypsy a few feet away barking non stop. I think I was as shocked as he was. So I tell the kid, in my best Clint Eastwood intimidating voice, to get the heck out of my yard. I do this while pointing at him and walking slowly towards him. He hops over the fence with little effort. I go back out the front of the garage and try to get him to tell me what he was doing but all he would say he was playing with some buddies. The next morning I do an extensive search of the crime scene and found the following evidence sitting by the rear fence by the back of the yard. Probably fell out of his pocket when he came over.
Well I guess if your home is going to be broken into it is better to have a burgler with good breath right?
Talking to some of the neighbors the next moring these kids tried to get into a few other garages. The lady down the street chased them out of her yard. Looking back I probably should have done something to grab the kid and call the police. It all happened so fast I didnt really think. I doubt they will come back knowing a Standard Poodle with a big bark lives here.
Go ahead Punk, make my day!
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