Monday, May 28, 2012

More Backyard Excitement

After we had the backyard intruder the other night I thought of another adventure Gypsy and I had. This one took place several years ago. Gypsy was still pretty young. Again, it was the end of the day and as usual, I let Gyp out the back door from the garage for one last time. She usually takes a lap around the yard to make sure all is well, then settles down and does her business. This night she hops out the rear door, and takes off towards the rear of the yard barking and going berserk. I grab my handy flashlight (the batteries worked, shocker) and go out to see what the fuss is all about. Gyp is standing over a possum! It is laying on its side, all four legs sticking straight out, stiff as a board. Sorry I didn't get a picture of this. So, being the bright guy I am, my first thought is great I have a dead possum in the backyard. So I trudge off back to the garage to grab some gloves and shovel to dispose of the body. I think I was going to just toss the possum remains over the fence into the farm behind us. I thought about giving the possum a proper burial but that would involve digging a hole. So anyway, I return just in time to see the possum alive and well, hopping the fence. As he went over the fence he looked back at me as if to say, you're not to bright are you? I was fooled by a possum, not too good. Gypsy knew that the possum was faking all the time though.

Hey, I can play possum too!!!
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