Saturday, January 31, 2015

Houdini Poodle

Hello again. I've been MIA for several months. I needed to take a break from the blog world and I also had pc issues. I'm actually doing this blog from a kindle. We're looking at a few different pieces of equipment that will do the trick. I'm leaving that up to Sandi. She is the tech person of the house.
So...where to begin? Gypsy is still my quirky little finicky eating poodle. Lately she has shown some signs of separation anxiety. She has never liked it when we leave her by herself. She is only happy if we are with her. Typically during bad or cold weather we keep her in the office with a baby gate in place.

This is the way I leave her. Tail down and not happy. We always felt that keeping her confined whole we were gone was a good thing. She has never liked it but would tolerate it. Recently I've heard her whimper after I put her in the office. So now I'm feeling guilty.
Hey, you hurt my feelings!!
Several times lately when we came home we are greeted by a very happy girl like this.
She hops the baby gate!  She'll just hang out at the top of the steps until we come home. Sandi says gyp greeted her by the side door one day though. I hate that she is so unsure of herself that she can't be alone.
The cats aren't much company either!!
I'm not sure what to do about this.
Hello...just stay home more!!!

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