Monday, April 21, 2014

Poodle Days

Gypsy is loving having the warmer weather here. That means the Sandi and I are outside the majority of the day and Gyp is obviously with us. We all get our work in and then usually just hangout and enjoy the yard. Gypsy will divide her time with us, Dino, and a bone or two.
Gypsy loves it when we spend the day outside with her. We call it a "Poodle" day.
Everything is all about me!!!
This past weekend was really the first nice weekend we've had this spring and it was perfect for a Poodle day. Gyp has always been the life of the party when it comes to outside play time although I couldn't help notice that she is starting to show some signs of age. Slowing down a bit.
She spent a big part of the day taking naps. She finds a sunny spot and enjoys the sun as much and we do.
After a nap or two on the grass, she usually finds her way to the comfy sofa on the deck. this is the only furniture that she is allowed on and I think she likes it. It's OK if she is slowing down a step or two. We'll keep having our "Poodle Days" I think I like them as much as Gypsy.
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