Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another Ram Update

I thought I'd give everyone another Ram (formerly Rim) update. Sandi's Cuz sent this video of Ram practicing cuddling. I think he is catching on pretty fast.
We brought Ram home from a great breeder, Our thought process was that maybe having a male around the house would somehow put Gypsy at ease. She has always been a bit nervous and on edge. Ram was an adorable puppy full of love and ready to play at the drop of a hat. Gypsy somehow didn't see that side of him. As Ram grew, and brother he grew fast, Gypsy seemed to get more and more nervous around him. After much debate we decided to re-home Ram.
If you go back and check out the blog titled "Forever Poodles" 4/30/13 you can get more detail. All I can say is that Ram is proof that sometimes rehoming a dog is a good thing. Not only good for Ram but also good for Gypsy. Ram has graduated from "Canine Good Citizen" school and seems to be on his way to becoming a therapy dog. In the video Cuz is working with Ram on the head in lap move. Very sweet indeed.

I sometimes feel that Ram found Sandi and I for a reason and that we just helped him along to the place where he was meant to be. things always seem to happen for a reason.
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