Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Bunny?

 I have mentioned several times on Gypsy's drive for little furry things. Bunnies in particular.  She hates bunnies more than Elmer Fudd. We have an abundance of rabbits in our neighborhood and they all seem to come out when we take our walk. No matter in the morning or evening, it is like the bunnies line the street, taunting Gypsy. She always has her head on a swivel, looking for them. We have had a few close encounters in the backyard but never on the street.

We were walking along and I remembered to take my camera, hoping to get a picture of Oscar the pig that lives down the street. He sure did get big over the winter.  Gypsy saw this bunny way before I did. It was up in a yard munching away on the flowers the home owner just planted. The bunny then turned and charged us.
Come on Bunny, make my day!!!
I have to admit that it startled me. How many times do you get charged by a bunny? Anyway I was able to take this picture. This bunny had a look of determination on his face right? Gypsy lunged at him at the last minute. Had she not been on the leash she would have been eating rabbit stew for lunch.

Gypsy seemed to scare the bunny back into reality as it turned and ran away. Gypsy lifted her tail and high stepped it all the way home.
OK, did I date myself with the Elmer Fudd reference?
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