Sunday, April 6, 2014


I just can not figure Gypsy out. Her typical behavior around other dogs is pure excitement. She gets nutsy crazy when we first  go to a dog park. She gets the happy feet thing going and is beside herself wired. When I walk her and she sees another dog she gets really excited. Recently she has started an excited bark at other dogs while we walk. I'm not very happy with this behavior and not really sure how to correct it. I think she'll be OK once we are out more that it is warming up.

Recently Gyp was introduced to this little boy in the photo above. Sandi and her friend decided to meet at the park and walk a bit and let them run some in a nearby field. I was at work but thought that Gypsy would be her typical crazy self. I get a text from Sandi, "Gyp loves him!" She walked with him, side by side, polite and reserved. They played at the park, running and playing tag until they were exhausted. Gypsy can still run with the best. After play time she came up to his side and rubbed up against him.

What is this all about? What in the world would make her so comfortable around him and not other dogs? I more I try to figure this quirky poodle out, the more confused I get.
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