Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Post Beauty Parlor

Gypsy was looking like a homeless poodle recently. She gets that way between trips to the beauty parlor. It's mostly my fault because I don't groom her like I probably should. I'll work on that this spring.
Hey, look at you...you have a goal!!!
Yes, that will be a goal of mine to keep current with your grooming needs.
Anyway we've been taking her to the same girl for years. Her entire life. I'm not going to tell you she enjoys the entire grooming experience. She always hops into the car in the morning thinking we're going on a road trip. She loves it. Then when we arrive, she hops out sniffing and excited that we are visiting someone.  And then we go into the beauty parlor.
Crap, not this place again!!!
Her tail drops and suddenly she is depressed.

I drop her off in the morning and Sandi picks her up in the afternoon. She acts like the most grateful dog in the world when Sandi picks her up.
Thank you for breaking me otta this joint!!!
She always comes home and takes a long nap, happy to be back in her world. I know she isn't keen on the groomer visits but I think they are will worth it.  Just look at her.
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