Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring has Sprung

At long last! It appears that Spring has finally SPRUNG... Things are starting to grow, I need to mow the lawn, Sandi is planting things in the garden. No veggies or flowers yet. More importantly, Gypsy went shopping for a new Spring time collar with Sandi. This is the latest of an extensive collection of collars for this poodle. I like the wide collars because she has such a long neck. This one is very light weight and perfect for spring.
Hey, I like my flower collar too!!!
Yep, when things start to bloom we'll put that one on her.
It was a long, cold winter. It looks like the cold weather killed a few of our plants. Not only that, Dino (Gypsy's all time favorite toy) spent most of the winter buried under a blanket of snow. Or, during a brief thaw, laying in a pool of mud. I'll have to clean Dino up today. The winter is behind us now. Our Farmers Market opens today, I have a long list of outside things to do, and we are riding our bikes more. It's great to be back outside.
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