Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Easton in Drag

OK, before you start getting the wrong idea, this was a fund raiser for Hospice. Our little town always has something going on. Street concerts, Plein Air, Water Fowl Festive, and last Sunday was the third annual "Drag Race" to support Hospice. The organizers get prominent citizens to volunteer to participate.
Good thing you are not a prominent citizen!!!
True. I don't think I'd make a very good contestant. Look at the legs on these guys.
Anyway, people line the streets as the "guys" parade up and down the street. Eventually they line up and sprint (in heels) to the finish line.
I think I saw Caitlin Jenner!!!
Gypsy was still not 100% so I stayed home with her while Sandi and her crew went down for the festivities. Everyone has a hoot and they raised over $70,000 for hospice. Not bad for a bunch of Queens.
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