Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Quirkier

I think as Gypsy approaches old age she is getting quirkier. I've written about her quirky nature. Here she is checking the sky for big black birds (or 747's) keeping them clear of our air space. She hops down the step on three legs, circling to the right at the bottom every time. Many things.

She has never been a fan of loud noise and hates the 4th of July.
Hey, I'm very patriotic though!!!
Yes, she is that. Anyway we were outside the other day and Gyp stands up and with tail between her legs, walks over and goes into the garage. After a few minutes she stuck her head out, checking things, and came back out and joined us again. Then 10 minutes later, the same thing. Sandi noticed gun shots coming from a local range and that is what had her all upset. We could barely hear them.
Could be a long hunting season this year on the shore.
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