Saturday, November 14, 2015


Those of you new to this stupid blog might wonder why Poodle is plural in the title. Really? Is anyone curious about that? You would understand if I used Cat(s) in the title. Heaven knows we have plural cats running around the house.

A few years ago we had a little boy dog. Rim was a great little boy, very playful, we were very excited to have him enter our family. Gypsy on the other hand, was not quite as excited about having a playmate. Rim quickly recognized the fact that Dino was Gypsy's favorite toy and so he tried to snatch it from her all the time. He was always trying to get Gypsy to play and was a bit rough with her from time to time. Not in a mean way. He was just a big pup and was acting like a normal dog. Something that Gypsy is not very good at. This is when I added the (s) to Poodle in the title. Rim grew really fast and became a big boy with a great personality. I always thought he was going to be a special dog. Gypsy just didn't like having him around. She was basically in a state of depression. So, after much soul searching, we decided to let Rim go to another home. 

 It is always really difficult re homing a pet but I feel sometimes it is the best thing to do. In this case it was the best thing for Gypsy. We were fortunate that Rim moved in with a cousin in NC. Here he is, living the good life in Chapel Hill. He is now Ram and we get to see him on occasion. The last time Sandi was visiting Ram was at here side all day long. He has turned into that special dog and still has a special spot in our hearts.

Ram came from a wonderful breeder (friend) from St. Louis. Crossbrook Standard Poodles. We have stayed in contact with her over the years. One of her champion dogs, Violet, just had the litter shown above. 13 puppies total with 4 of them being female. We have the itch again thinking perhaps a female would be to Gypsy's liking?
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