Sunday, February 14, 2016

Prim Update

This is week two with Prim in the mix here on the Eastern Shore. I was away at meetings for the week and so Sandi had to handle the entire crew solo. Gypsy, the Cats, and new pup. I thought either two things could happen, either upon my return Sandi would be stark mad or, things would be good. Very happy to report things went very well. Prim has been an easy puppy so far and Gypsy likes her company. The first few times we put her in the crate she protested loudly, very loudly. But then a switch went off and she easily goes in the crate. In fact most mornings I have to ask her to come out after I open the door. House breaking seems to be going well. I think she is going to be a quick learner.
She has noticed that Dino is Gypsy's favorite toy so, she is always trying to get Dino first.

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