Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zo Zo Scare

Zoe gave us a scare this past week. Sandi noticed she was acting strange over last weekend. Zoe started going into the box often. Having multiple cats we are used to dealing with infections and things but this seemed different. Then Sandi noticed blood in Zo Zo's urine. Not a little bit of blood but a lot. Off to the vet they go and after an xray, we're told that she had a mass on her bladder. Sandi was really upset. We were to bring Zoe in the next morning and they were going to operate on her to check out what was going on with the mass. We assumed the worse and had a difficult night, thinking it was the last night we'd have with our Black kitten. Sandi didn't sleep a wink that night. When I left for work the next morning I thought it would be the last time I'd see Zoe. Sandi dropped Zoe off and was a wreck. Our vet's office had a visiting vet in house that morning that could do ultra sounds. Zoe wasn't scheduled for an ultra sound but they did one anyway and determined that she had a bad infection. We are treating her now and she seems to be on the mend.
Sandi didn't sleep much for a few days. Zoe is her special cat.
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