Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday Gal

 Wow, I've not blogged since the beginning of April. I guess that shows what exciting lives we lead on the Eastern Shore.
We were going out for coffee on this cloudy Sunday morning and Sandi remembered it was June 5th. Gypsy's Birthday!
She is 11 today and that is hard to believe.
Hey, never mention a girls age dude!!!
Sorry about that.
She still looks and acts like a puppy much of the time. She still has a big smile on her face. She gets very excited when she sees a bunny or any other little furry thing. (with the exception of cats) She continues to keep our air space free from big black birds. She still gets very excited when she sees us putting on walking shoes.
She is showing some signs of age though. She is getting more gray in the snout, ears, and top of her head.
Hey, look who's talking!!!
True, no room to talk. She still loves to walk but our walks are getting shorter and slower. She is spending much more time in her bed either sleeping or just hanging out.
I think today will be a "Poodle Day" dedicated to Gypsy on her 11th birthday. We'll hang out in the back yard, I picked up a new pork chew thing for her, and who knows maybe we can convince her Mom to take her shopping for a new collar?
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