Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

It is Fathers Day weekend. The weather on the eastern shore could not be better. My better half is actually away this weekend visiting friends and having a big time leaving me on my own. Well on my own with the exception of Gypsy and the herd cats. This leaves me as the responsible adult in the house in charge of Cat Box Duty.
Hey, don't you mean Cat Box DOODY???
Yep, lots of that going on.

The weekends that Sandi is away usually turn into Poodle weekends. Gypsy and I walk more since there isn't much else to do. Today we met Oliver the pig on the walk. Oliver is huge!!!
Hey Oliver, step away from the buffet!!!
He is a happy pig I must say. His little tail is always going. 

Poke (Po-Key) is also growing at an alarming rate. Plus he has a thing about messing up the rugs throughout the house and pulling towels down off the rack.
So, I'm going to get my chores done and embark on a poodle weekend with Gypsy.
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