Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fitting In

Red continues to "fit into" our life. Like Gypsy, he loves to walk and play in the backyard. Unlike Gyp, he will hang out in the yard by himself. He is great in the house and a world class chewer of bones. He has never chewed on anything but his toys. Most importantly he is learning how to live with the cats. He is still interested in them, sneaking a sniff whenever possible. He and Pokey are still BFF's and wrestle from time to time.
To me, the biggest risk of getting another dog was how Gypsy would react. She has been a real trooper with Red. He enjoys taking interest in whatever Gypsy has, bone, Dino, stick, and swiping it from her at the first opportunity. Gypsy just gets up and patrols the yard until she finds something new to play with until Red takes that. This morning I took them out and Gypsy sprung out of the garage, turning in mid air, and landed facing Red, daring him to chase her. Of course Red took off after the smiling Gypsy for a few laps around the yard. He tries his best to cut her off but Gypsy is still pretty fast. After a few laps they both were huffing and puffing and we went back inside. Gypsy went immediately to her bed, followed a few minutes later by Red. 
You can lay there for now boy but don't try any funny stuff!!

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