Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flying Poodle

 For those that are new to Gypsy, she used to be a great jumper. As a puppy she would leap out of the back door, getting some big air underneath her. So, we built a jump out of some PVC. I made two heights, 2' and then 4' thinking she'd have to build up to the top setting. Not so much. Gypsy just loved jumping for us.
When ever we had friends over we'd set up the jump and let her do her thing. She really enjoyed it and I think she would try to add a bit of flare when we had guests. We retired her from jumping a few years ago. She started knocking the bar down, something that never happened when she was younger.
Hey, you try jumping over that thing big boy!!!
Gypsy had a great time putting a jumping show on for us. It was a happy time for her.

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