Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Walk

It's Saturday morning and time for another walk with Gypsy. I've said it many times but walking is one of her favorite things in the world to do. We usually run into other dogs that she can bark at and she is always on the lookout for bunnies. After all Gypsy is "the Bunny Hunter." We didn't see any rabbits this morning but right down the street from us we see a squirrel. This is very unusual for this neighborhood. This area used to be a corn field and didn't have any trees so, no squirrels. Sandi claimed to have seen one a few years ago and we saw one this summer by the bird feeders. But that has been it. Gyp would take off after a squirrel in a heartbeat if I let her.

When we got to the field behind our neighborhood we hear gun shots. They were all set up with the geese decoys trying to lure innocent geese in to murder. A few geese flew by but fortunately these guys didn't have a very good aim.

About half way through the walk we come across a chicken. It was just walking down the sidewalk towards us like she was on her way to work or something. Gypsy obviously took great interest in this. She had never seen a chicken before.
Hello KFC!!!
Once Gypsy started licking her lips, the chicken did an about face and headed in the other direction. The bottom line is someone in our neighborhood has fresh eggs.

We have several storm drainage ponds around the neighborhood. We usually circle one at the end of the walk and we came across this Heron. We see him all the time but this time I just happened to have my camera.

The only thing that would have topped all of this is if we would have run across Oliver the pig.
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