Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cold, Rainy Night and Moose

Last night was cold and rainy. the weather guru's had predicted snow but what do they know. As advanced science and technology are today you would think they could get it right every once in awhile. Anyway, it was wet and cold. We kept the front door open just in case NOBELLS made an appearance. I think it was too cold for him. Our cats enjoy looking out at the rain.

What better way to spend the night than to give the cats some catnip and watch them make fools of themselves. It's true, after a bit of the catnip even the most sophisticated cat will chase their tail like a crazy kitten. We get the real thing and put it in a dish. They eat it, rolls in it, and sniff away at it. Then the fun will begin. Here is Moose enjoying some of his favorite herb.

Here is Moose not long after enjoying his favorite herb. Passed out in his favorite chair. He can't party like he used to do. Must be an age thing. This thing is supposed to be a scratching post but Moose likes to sit in it. It conforms to his butt just right.

After a brief catnap, Moose is warming himself by the fire. We should have put on some Grateful Dead tunes for him.
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