Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Addition

 I came home from work a few weeks ago and Sandi had been busy at the cat shelter. She stops in from time to time to either donate something or just to check out the cats. This is a very dangerous habit of hers and she needs to stop. She had a secret relationship with this guy for some time. Neither Gypsy or I suspected a thing until he came home with her. He is about 5 years old and his name is Suede. He is all dressed up in this picture. Honestly we need another cat like Gypsy needs to loose weight. Not at all! When I got home I began to protest (as if that would have done any good). Before I could say anything, Suede came right up to me and started to purr and look at me with this sweet little face. I tried to resist his charm but, he then started to follow me around the house.

So that began my relationship with a very cool cat named Suede. It doesn't hurt that he likes to share an occasional beer with me too. He is the most laid back cat I've ever seen. Nothing seems to upset him and he projects a very confidant and calm air about him. He still follows me around. When I go to the bathroom he waits outside the door for me. When I'm in the kitchen cooking, he sits off to the side and watches me. In the morning he and Gypsy trot down the stairs side by side with me. Right now he is laying at my feet.

He and Gypsy seem to get along very well. Suede likes to drink out of Gypsy's water bowel and I think Gyp likes the company. Suede is a big boy and I have to watch him when I feed Gypsy her homemade food. He'll walk right up and help himself and Gypsy just walks away.

I think most people that adopt usually go for the cute kittens. I always feel sorry for the older cats that spend months and years in shelters. It seems like nobody every takes the older cats home. Suede will have a great life with us and Gypsy. He won the cat lottery like the rest of our cats. Sandi is the "Cat Whisperer" I think. She sure can pick out a good cat.
They say you never know what you are getting when you bring an older cat home. I wasn't sure if I believed this or not...that is not until Suede came down from upstairs dressed like "Captain America."
Little did we know we were adopting a super hero.
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