Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ear Infection

Gypsy has been a very healthy dog. We haven't had to take her to the Vet or treat her for anything very often in her 8 plus years. Sure she barely eats and thinks she is a cat but I cant complain about her health. She has an iron clad constitution. That said, she is prone to ear infections from time to time. We woke up this morning and sure enough, she has an ear infection. When she gets these she lowers her head and walks kind of crooked. Like she is trying to go to the right but walks to the left. It is painful for her to lay down, and her tail is down as low as it can possibly go. I feel so sorry for her. I also feel like a bad dog owner. Like I could have done a better job with the ear maintenance and cleaning to help prevent these things. Standards do require more maintenance when it come to the ears than most dogs. When she did this for the first time I thought she was having a stroke or something. Our Vet says it is a bit strange and that she hadn't seen this before.

When I first came into the office this morning she was just walking around in circles behind me, pacing away. Every time she tried to lay down she would wince and get back up. I put a med in her ear and gave her a Benadryl. She finally laid down behind me and seems to be relaxing.
I hope she is better soon. Or at least more comfortable.
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