Friday, November 8, 2013


Autumn is definitely upon us. The leaves are beautiful this year and are falling fast. This weekend is the annual "Water Fowl Festival" in our town. It is a weekend dedicated to everything that the eastern shore is famous for and that is water fowl. People from all over the world come to look at the art work and decoys. There are hunting dog demonstrations and the very popular dock dogs. We take Gypsy and walk around downtown and greet the hundreds of other dogs walking the streets.

 Bliz and Gypsy
Not only is it the beginning of Autumn, it is also the beginning of oyster season. Sandi and I are friends with a couple of "watermen" here on the shore and they get great pleasure in feeding Sandi as many oysters as they can. They came over the other day and before you knew it, Bliz has the tailgate of the truck down, shucking oysters for Sandi. Gypsy is not a fan of oysters. Last year Rim would eat as many, if not more, than Sandi. Gypsy really likes these guys.

Another sure sign that it is getting much cooler outside is watching the cats jockey around the house for sun spots. Chloe, aka Queen Mother, is a pro at following the sun spot up the steps in the morning.

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