Sunday, November 10, 2013

Water Fowl

This weekend was our local Water Fowl Festival. It is always held on the second weekend in November. We have had some cold rainy weekends in the past. This year the sun has been out and we have enjoyed beautiful fall weather.

 Gypsy loves going downtown. She was beside herself excited as we walked the streets. There are dogs of every shape and size downtown and they all want to introduce themselves to Gyp. She did her share of nervous barking and had happy feet all day long. As excited as she was, she kept an eye on all the shrubs looking for a squirrel or chipmunk. People would come up to pet her and she would really turn up the excitement. Everyone was shocked when we told them she was over 8 years old. We ran into a few other standard poodles and they were almost as excited as Gypsy. Maybe this is just the thing with the breed?

We met plenty of dogs and ran into a bunch of friends. That's the thing about a small town, you always will run into someone you know.
That's why I'm always on my best behavior!!!

One of our friends has a business doing mobile advertising. I suggested we have Gypsy pull a sign behind her.

At the end of the day I went into a local restaurant to use the men's room. Right there in front of me, while I was doing my business, was this portrait of a black standard poodle. Looks just like Gypsy. I hope nobody saw me take this picture.

I think the plan is to take Gypsy down to Water Fowl again today.
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