Saturday, November 2, 2013


Yesterday we paid tribute to our friend John. Aka New York John. He was diagnosed with cancer not even a year ago. At that time the doctors told him the severity of his situation but he didn't share the diagnosis with anyone. Not even his three sons. We met NYJ not long after we moved into this area. He was always around and very quick with a joke. He enjoyed sitting out front of the "Tide" taking in the sun and watching the action downtown. The guy that owns the Men's Clothing Store across the street would close up shop for a few minutes and run over to the Tide and have a beer with NYJ. He seemed to know just about everyone that walked by and waved at them. John new all the servers and made a point of talking to each of them. We often would take Gypsy along with us on these trips to the Tide. She always has a good time down there. She is less interested in the downtown activity but more interested in the squirrel and chipmunk activity. Gypsy also liked being around John. He seemed to have a calming affect on her. He always asked to hold her leash and have her sit by him. She would always take a break from obsessing over the wildlife and calmly lay by John. We all will miss those days of front of the "Tide."
Goodbye John!
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