Saturday, June 6, 2015

10 Years

Gypsy is showing some signs of age. 
She is getting a bit of gray hair.
Look who's talking!!!
This is true.
She is sleeping much more.
She is beginning to huff and puff on walks.
Her eyes are looking a bit cloudy.
She really has to focus on going down the stairs in the morning. She has fallen down them a few times.
She can't jump like she used to.
Sandi can actually tag Gypsy during a game of tag.
She still gets happy feet when she sees me putting my shoes on.
She still loves to go on walks and search for bunnies.
If she does see a bunny, she prances like a show dog.
She loves it when we have people over.
She still plays tag with Sandi, just a bit slower.
She is still crazy about Dino. The only toy she plays with.
She still gets excited when she hears me get my keys. Thinking we're going on a road trip.
She continues to keep our air space free from big black birds. Birding when ever required.
When I come home from work she still runs to the door with a smile on her face.
She is still our quirky little poodle.

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