Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jumping Poodle

 Standard Poodles are extremely athletic dogs. Gypsy is by far the most athletic dog I've ever been around. She is willing to walk, run, jump, play, and just about anything else at the drop of a hat. One thing she excelled at from an early age is jumping. I made the jump out of some PVC and she immediately started jumping. We started showing her off when we had friends over, setting up the jump and letting Gyp do her thing. She would know that she was the center of attention, prancing out to the jump and circling it a few times. She would clear the bar with ease, never missing a jump. She always had perfect form going over the bar. Ears flying. When she was done, although tired, she would smile for ear to ear enjoy all the accolades and attention.
It has been some time since she jumped and so the other day with friends over we decided to let her do her thing. She grew excited as I set up the jump, knowing that she was going to be the center of attention. Sandi was out there with her and told Gypsy to go ahead and jump. Gypsy started her approach and jumped way to early, crashing into the cross bar, knocking the entire jump over. All our friends let out a collective. Gyp got up and limped away, dragging her left rear leg. She was totally embarrassed with herself. Her leg was OK, the only thing bruised was her ego.

At 10 years old maybe she is getting a bit old for the jump? I put it up for now.
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