Saturday, June 6, 2015

Birthday Girl!!!

We can't believe it! Gypsy turned 10 years old this past Friday. This was cause for much celebration. While I was at work, Sandi and Gyp paid a visit to the $1 store and went crazy picking out party hats. After work we met some of our friends at one of the many dog friendly establishments in our little town for a "Poodle Party."
Gypsy ordered the usual cheeseburger with fries.
Make it as rare as possible! I want to hear my burger Moo!
And she always passes on the lettuce and tomato. They even put a birthday candle on her plate.

We stopped by and met a big German Sheppard. We gave him a party hat so he didn't feel left out. 
He isn't really my type!!

By the time we returned home, Gypsy was exhausted. She dropped to the floor and was out. She had a big day. 
Party like a Poodle!!
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