Saturday, December 5, 2015


We lost Chloe this past week. A very quick, unexpected turn for us all. Prior to Thanksgiving she was ill and Sandi picked up on it and took her to the Vet for treatment. Chloe showed signs of improvement and we left for the weekend with Gypsy in tow. Whenever we travel we have experienced cat people come in and take care of the boxes, feeding, and make sure they don't burn down the house. When we returned, Chloe didn't seem right to Sandi and back to the Vet they go. That was the last trip Chloe ever took.
I'm not going to dwell on the sadness that this caused. I'd rather think about the life Chloe had, the life that Sandi gave her.

Chloe was in really bad shape when we got her. Her liver was failing and she was way under weight. Sandi had to run her back and forth to the Vet on a regular basis. From an early age Chloe hated the Vet. She was well know by Vet Tech's in our area as a cat not to mess with. Along with her liver problems we found out she had bad allergies and the tip of her tail was missing. We're not sure what happened with that but it probably wasn't good. Anyway, Sandi literally nursed Chloe back to good health. Chloe became the Queen of the house.
She was the only cat allowed outside with us spending many summer nights lounging on the deck. She was the best at finding sunspots throughout the house. She would try her best to run fast but her short legs would just spin on the hardwood floors, making her look like a cartoon character. She would hiss at just about anybody except me or Sandi. She was a Pro lap cat. She was the Queen Mother and Sexy Mama of the cats.
She had a good life with us giving us many happy moments. Come next spring, on the first warm day we spend on the deck, we'll miss her. 
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