Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gypsy Drama

 Just before Christmas Gypsy seemed to be feeling bad. She was needing to go outside to pee more and seemed lethargic and had some diarrhea.  She would also tire quickly on her walks. The first thing I thought of was a possible issue with her Kidney's. So, off to the vet with go for a check up. Her blood test didn't indicate any problem with her Kidney's but it did show slightly elevated levels for her Liver. The other thing of concern was her weight was down to about 36 lbs. The Vet said we had to do whatever we had to do to get some weight on her.
She gave us this probiotic to sprinkle on her food. I'm making a mix of white rice, chicken parts, peas or carrots to mix in with her food. She has been eating better and seems to be feeling good, ready to walk or play as usual. Her weight is up to 39.5. I am open for suggestions on how to get some weight on this non food driven dog.
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