Friday, March 30, 2012


We are finally on our way home with Gypsy!

It seemed liked we discussed having a puppy for so long and now we are on are way home! Very exciting indeed. Gypsy was great on the way back from Virginia. Sandi drove, as usual, and Gypsy sat on my lap looking out the window for the majority of the ride. Very calm. Car rides are great! She was so good in the car. Then the closer we get to home, the more reality starts to sink in. I think I mentioned Sandi is a cat person. That is putting it mildly. She is a major cat person. I like the little things too.  The first thing we have to do is introduce Gypsy to our two cats. FURFACE and Cleo. FURFACE is Sandi's cat and has been with her since before we met. His original name was Velcro but somehow I called him FURFACE (in capitals) and it stuck. FURFACE and I had a love/hate relationship. I loved him and he hated me. I could pet him twice and then he would turn around and bite me. FURFACE had some major fangs going on too. After all these years he would still take a piece out of my hand after two pets. In bed he slept with his back against Sandi and his feet pushing me away. FURFACE was a very important part or Sandi's life. Cleo was a rescue cat and still very young at that time. Cleo loved FURFACE. These two cats were very special to Sandi and me as well. So, if it is not obvious, the first matter at hand is to introduce Gyp to the cats. But first thing upon our arrival, we let Gypsy out in the back yard to take a pee before the cat introduction. I open the back door from the garage that leads into the backyard. Gypsy, a little black fluff ball, takes a look, and then springs out the door into the yard. When I say spring, I mean like three feet in the air, major air time. And it was a picture perfect spring too with feet neatly tucked, tail vertical, ears flopping, and a big smile on her face. And when she landed she hopped around in circles and stood and stared at us. This yard is great! Sandi and I just looked at each other and were like, what was that? This would begin years of leaping out the back door of the garage. No matter what time it is or rain or snow, she is going to take a major leap out the door into the back yard. It's all about the entrance! Anyway, after a short pit stop, we come inside with her and make the introductions. I don't think I ever told Sandi that it was at this point that I was a bit nervous, I know one growl or snap at the cats and Gypsy would be walking on thin ice. FURFACE did some sniffing but continued to be the alpha male as if he owned the place, Cleo just followed FURFACE around, and Gypsy really could care less about the cats. Those things stink! So while Cleo was following FURFACE around, I followed Gypsy around worried about potty training. Bringing a puppy home is a major thing. They are ready to pee or poop at any given moment. I wanted so badly for Gypsy to do well that I followed her around and every time she went to sit down, I would swoop down, grap her, and put her int he back yard. This was like every 10 minutes. This is when the "go pee" thing started. You know how puppies can mill around when you want them to pee? Like three in the morning and the puppy wants to play in the back yard instead of taking a squat? Every time Gyp would go outside and pee, we would say "go pee" and soon, she was taking a pee on comand. This is a very useful training tip I believe. That is until one day I come home and Sandi is telling me how Gypsy is "fake" peeing now. She would leap out of the garage and upon Sandi telling her to "go pee" she would take the position and just fake it. I don't have to go now Mom... I don't remember Gypsy having one accident in the house. I'd like to say that it was superior training on our part but, I think it was Gypsy wanting to do good.

Potty training was a breeze with Gypsy. No problem at all.

 Another thing we had ready for her when we got home was, a variety of toys. The only thing worse that Gypsy could do besides eat a cat would be to, chew on the furniture, shoe, sock, you name it. So, off we go to the pet store and load up on chew toys, fluffy toys, kongs, balls, squeekee toys, chew ropes, pig ears, Pig ears, how gross is that? and anything else that might keep Gypsy occupied and busy from getting in trouble. Puppies like toys right? Last I checked they played with toys to a state of exhaustion. Gypsy looked at the pile of toys in front of her, a pile larger than she, and picked out one toy, a stuffed dinosaur named Dino to play with. That is it. No playing with stupid balls, kongs, or other toys. Only Dino. This was the beginning of a life long love affair between Gypsy and Dino. I love Dino!
Here is Gypsy with the original Dino. She is about 6 months in this photo. Aren't we cute?
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