Saturday, March 24, 2012

St. Patricks Day

Growing up in Cleveland St. Patricks day was always a big event. My Mom is a Donovan and always looked forward to the day. Even after I left the house she would always call on the morning of St. Patricks day to wish me well and remind me to wear green. Cleveland always had a huge parade downtown with plenty of green. But, being Cleveland, it was always a cold, wet, or snowy day. This year Maryland, like most of the country was warm and sunny on the big day. Plus, it fell on a Saturday making it even more convenient to go out and wear the green. Gypsy loves going out with us. When we reach for the car keys she gets happy feet and spins in circles like a crazy dog. We had every intention of going downtown and have some lunch outside somewhere and enjoy the day with Gyp. Yard work however, took over. We worked in the yard like crazy people all day long. This was OK for Gypsy too as she loves being in the backyard with us. Actually, she loves being anywhere with us come to think of it. So we dug, trimmed, mowed, raked, did I say dig yet? By the end of the day we were exhausted and decided to chill out at home and enjoy our hard work. Gypsy too was exhausted from a full day of playing. I've never seen a 7(almost) year old dog that likes to play as much as she does.

Gypsy did enjoy a cold Half n Half in honor of my little Irish Mother, Donovan. Have you ever seen a dog smile at a cold beer before?
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