Sunday, June 10, 2012


I think I mentioned Dino in an earlier post. Dino was Gypsy's first, and favorite toy. We gave her every toy known to keep any dog happy. She turned her nose up at all of them except Dino.

 Kong stuffed with treats? YUCK
 Frisbee? That's for crazy dogs.
Chew rope? No way.

Dino was the one thing she liked to play with as a puppy. The original Dino was a soft toy that looked like a dinosaur. Dino was the obvious name right? Pretty original if I do say so myself. Here is puppy Gypsy with the original Dino.

It was love at first bite!

Unfortunately for Dino, Gypsy discovered that she also loves to nibble on soft toys and she eventually tore the stuffing out of Dino. What a way to go.
Sorry Dino, I couldn't help myself!
So, Sandi being the resourceful gal that she is, found a rubber dinosaur with a squeaky thing inside it. It had two feet and a long tail. We gave the new Dino to Gypsy and she jumped on it with both front feet and it let out a big squeak. This startled Gyp and she started to whine. She soon started carrying the new Dino around by the feet. 

Soon, Dino became an outdoor toy as Gypsy loved to run laps with Dino and play tag with Dino. This tag thing happens to be a favorite backyard event for her. Sandi will ask her, where is Dino? and Gyp will run over and stand over Dino, waiting for Sandi to try to snatch Dino before she can get it. She will then run behind one of the trees, waiting for Sandi to sneak up on her. Many times we will be sitting on the deck doing nothing and Gypsy will go out in the yard, jump on Dino, and toss him into the air.
Dino likes to jump too!

We've gone through several Dino's over the years. We actually bought a few at a time, just in case we had a hard time finding one. This brings me to our DINO DILEMMA. We cant find Dino anymore. We have browsed around every pet store and no Dino. Nada. Kaput. Zippy Dino to be found.  We came close though. We found a rubber squeaky toy with two feet but no tail.

Dino is the blue guy on the left, and the impostor is on the right. Gypsy can tell the difference and turns her spoiled little nose up and the Dino want to be. So, my plea to the hundreds of people reading this blog, (well OK many five or six people) keep on the lookout for a new Dino.

Hey, this Dino is getting nasty! I need a new one please...

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