Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flag Day

Flag day has to be one of the most under appreciated holidays of all time. My theory on this is because it is a holiday that does not involve gifts, big meals, and decorating. Just hang a flag and be patriotic. That's it. Very simple. Sandi and I have a small US flag we display everyday so it was not a big deal for us.
This year Flag Day happened to fall on the day Gypsy was going to the groomer. We take her about every 8 weeks or so since we first got her. She has been going to the same groomer the entire time and she (the groomer) is fantastic. This time, the groomer had a bit of a repair job to do. Gypsy's ears were so long, they were hanging in her water bowl getting all wet when she drank. So, I thought I'd give her a bit of an ear trim myself. How hard can that be right? Well, I botched the trim job completely. Way too short. So, off to the groomer we go for the professional touch. Gypsy came home all decked out in a patriotic bandanna.

I thought that was a nice touch. I think next year we'll get a much larger flag to display on flag day. Gypsy kept the bandanna on all day. How patriotic of her.

 I'm a Yankee POODLE dandy!
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