Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dog Park Day

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about dog parks. On the surface they seem to be a good thing for our dogs. They all get together, sniff each other, and play. What can be wrong with that? They can run as they wish without leashes. Seems pretty cool. On the other hand, I had a vet tell me one time not a week goes by that she does not sew up a dog that got into it at the dog park. I guess it just depends on who is at the park when you make your trip. We've taken Gypsy to a few different dog parks. She gets besides herself excited when we get close. Happy feet going like crazy. Of course all the dogs in the park sense her excitement and they go to another level. When we finally get her inside the fence Gypsy takes off like a bat out of hell. Every other dog in the park is after her but can never catch her. She usually settles down and has a great time. Our friends bring their two Standards from time to time and we have a poodle party. I think all the other dogs are jealous of our poodles. The humans at the dog park are strange too. The regulars look down at the newbies at the park. As if we aren't part of the club yet. They all have certain places they hang their leashes and special spots on the bench.

Sandi heard of a dog park close to us that we have not been to and we decided to try it out the other weekend. Only a half hour away so that is a big bonus. We find the park and not one person was there. By fault, no dogs either. Not a sole in either the big or small dog area. So, we get the place to ourselves. This is a very nice park with some dog agility equipment set up. We always thought Gypsy would make a good agility dog so we gave it a try. She did the incline thing with ease.

The view from up here is great!
Gypsy has always been a jumper from day one when she took the giant leap out of our garage into the back yard. Sometimes the problem is she jumps too much.

Anyone can run through these things!

Nice form huh?

This was one of the best times we ever had at a dog park and there wasn't even one other dog there. Gypsy had a ball. she was able to show off for us. She did have some sniffing time.

When I think about it though, Gypsy would have a great time no matter where we go or what we are doing, just as long as she was with us. We'll take her back to this park again. Maybe she'll make some new friends and also show off for the other dogs.

Here I am practicing in the backyard.
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