Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gypsy and the CATS! Part 1

I mentioned we have cats. (plural) Sandi is the ultimate cat person.  She jokes that she is in the cat box more than the cats are. I worry her pooper scopper wrist will get injured. Anyway, the last cat that won the kitty lottery and moved in with us was Stormi. Unlike our other cats, Stormi was an adult cat when she came to us. This was cause for some concern with Gypsy. We were curious how she would do with an older cat not to mention how the cat would do with Gypsy. Gypsy has been raised not to mess around with the cats. They actually run the house and get away with much more than Gypsy. Anyway, Stormi came in the house and promptly hid. We didnt see her for days. She stayed upstairs under a bed. Finally while we were sitting in the family room one night, we saw her poke her little face around the corner coming down the steps. She was basically raised in a cat shelter and took some time getting used to the house. She still isnt a lap cat. She gives lap drive bys though. As far as she and Gypsy, they have gotten along very well together from the start. Stormi stikes me as being a very laid back, calm cat and I think Gypsy senses that and is pretty chilled out around Stormi.

Stormi and Gypsy lounging around in front of the fire place. They are good buddies.
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