Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dino Dilemma Update

The Dino (or lack of) situation is becoming critical!

 After we put the word out I was swamped with info on the source of Dino. Thanks to all the very thoughtful readers. All I had to do was google squeeky dinosaur dog toy and behold, the original maker web site. Problem solved right? Wrong! they don't make Dino anymore but they do have several other squeeky toys. Sandi found a few other sites that said they had Dino in stock and placed an order, just to have the order canceled due to no Dino in stock.

How frustrating!!!

Sandi did give a good effort in replacing Dino with a little toy she picked up somewhere. Gypsy promptly chewed the thing to pieces. That guy was with us for such a short time I forget his name.

Not the same heavy duty rubber like Dino!

So, as a last ditch effort to keep this spoiled poodle happy, we decided to go with the Chicken toy from the same manufacturer as Dino. It has the same heavy duty Gypsy proof rubber and a similar squeek sound. We named this guy, KFC. Pretty original, I know.

Here is KFC, alone in the backyard. Not a poodle in sight. Gypsy hasn't shown much interest in KFC yet. I think the problem is no tail or feet to hang onto. I'm thinking of taking the last Dino on earth away from Gypsy while it is still in one piece. Save Dino for down the road maybe. Reunite Gyp and Dino when she is an old gal just to make her day. I think that is what I might do.
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