Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uptown Gal

The biggest mistake we made with Gypsy was not taking her out enough when she was a puppy. We didn't realize how important this is. We have a nice fenced backyard where we like to spend as much time as possible. So we hung out back there with Gypsy puppy for extended times. We also have a great neighborhood to walk in so, we would take (and still do) take her on long walks around the neighborhood. Boring!! We thought we were doing the right thing. She was getting exercise and enjoyed being with us out back.  Little did we know she wasn't getting socialized as much as she should.
Hello, you never take me anywhere!
We did take her to the puppy class with that lunatic trainer guy. Gypsy went totally spastic when we first arrived only to get her head snapped sideways by the fat trainer guy. Not a great experience for her. We've been taking her more places with us and try to find dog friendly places to go. Pretty easy around our neck of the woods. Sandi spends a good amount of time riding around, mapping out bike rides and Gypsy will co-pilot. We take her down to the farmers market on Saturday morning. We have a great farmers market and there are usually plenty of other dogs to meet. Nice music playing too. If it isn't too hot I will take her when I have to run errands. She loves the car.
Yesterday we decided to go downtown for a bit of lunch and took Gyp with us. We sat outside in the shade and enjoyed a nice breeze. As people were coming and going, Gypsy greeted them all and was a very polite girl. We were so happy for her. Maybe taking her out more is beginning to get her a bit more socialized?
I'd like a room with a view please!

We'll continue to work with Gypsy, trying to get her more socialized. I thinks dogs want to be with their owners and want to do whatever they have to do to make us happy. Hopefully if you get to meet her, she'll be a good little poodle for you. 
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