Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dino(s) Arrives

Well, I have to say I wasn't too optimistic about finding any Dinos out there. We had some folks tell us of a few places on-line that had them and we placed a few orders just to learn that they didn't have any in stock.
How disappointing is that!
It was very disappointing. So, we tried our best to get Gypsy to play with KFC the Chicken.

Unfortunately, this is where the Chicken spent most of the time. Out in the yard by herself. Gypsy had no interest in her at all. KFC was chopped liver.
Chickens are for stupid dogs!
Just when we thought all was lost, my relentless daughter gave us one more on-line place to try to purchase a Dino. They said they had them in stock but the other places said that too. Plus these were priced really high compared to the others we found. I think the dog toy companies heard about the lack of supply in the Dino department and were price fixing.
Price fixing a Dino? We should report this!
Sandi placed the order and it went through. A few days later we struck Dino Gold.

We have a virtual herd of Dinos now. Three all the right size and three different colors. We'd didn't want to show them to Gypsy so we kept them out of site up on a tall table. That night while we were watching TV Gyp stood up and started whimpering. I thought great, she must be getting an ear infection. Actually she caught site of the herd of Dinos on the table and was trying to control herself. She was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I kind of snuck over to the table and lifted all three of them up into a high cupboard, out of site. We plan on rationing these guys with her best we can.
Reunited at last.

I don't know what it is about this little squeeky rubber toy that makes her so happy and playful. She'll be out in the yard by herself, running laps, throwing it in the air, stomping on it, and acting like a total puppy. We're so happy that we were able to find a few of these little guys for her.
Thanks to everyone that helped us get a few Dinos!

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