Sunday, July 8, 2012

A HOT Fourth in the Backyard

We spend much of our time sitting around in the backyard or deck. Of course Gypsy thinks this is a great pastime. The Fourth, being on a Wednesday this year, gave me a chance to take a few days off work and have a long weekend. We didn't have much of anything planned except Poodle time in the backyard. We gave it a valiant effort but, it was just too darn hot to do much of anything outside. I guess I shouldn't complain as thousand's of people in the area are still without power from the storm that rolled through a few weeks ago. I can't imagine that.

When it is nice out, we spend hours in the backyard. We have many of our meals outside on the deck, including morning coffee on the weekends. We take Gypsy's food outside and she will munch out with us. Gypsy goes nuts over this treat that looks like chicken jerky. Sandi will bring a handful of those out for Gyp. When she gets one she runs out into the yard so we can't snatch the treat back. Gypsy will also get Sandi to play tag with her. I'm not so sure this is the best game to play but, they both enjoy it. In her younger years, I would bet visitors that they couldn't touch Gypsy while playing tag. No one came close. She is slowing up a bit and I think Sandi might have caught her once this summer. 
After a rousing game of tag Gypsy takes a break.

No tag or meals outside this Fourth of July. Way too hot for that. I hear the hot snap is about to break and we will get cooler weather, just in time to go back to work. 

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