Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bye For Now Dino

Well, we took a big step today and decided to put Dino away for now. Not a Dino to be had. Although my daughter did find a small Dino in a pet store in North Carolina. Unfortunately, Gypsy only goes for the medium size Dino. Good try though. So we will see if she decides to go for the Chicken (KFC) or the Dino without a tail (CUZ). Actually I've been reading Jon Katz at and he says not to give an excitable dog too many toys as it will over stimulate them. Gypsy can be a bit excitable so we will see. Anyway, she goes crazy with Dino and I think I will reunite them in several years. For now Dino will remain in a zip top plastic bag to keep fresh in a drawer that Gypsy can get into.

Bye for now Dino, I'll miss you.

It's been a FUN!!!
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