Friday, July 6, 2012

Gypsy and the CATS Part 2

The cat in our house with the most tenure is Chloe.

Sandi brought her home around 7 years ago. I think around the same time we got Gypsy. Chloe was in very bad shape when we got her. She only weighed 3 lbs and had liver issues. She also has bad allergies and had some skin problems.  We sure can pick them cant we? She came from an abusive situation. Poor thing. Anyway, I didn't think she was going to make it. Sandi did such a great job nursing this poor little kitten back to health.  As you can see from the picture above, not only did she survive, she gained some weight too! Her nick name is "Canned Ham." When she sits down and you look at her from the rear she has the classic canned ham shape. Chloe is the queen mother of the house. She is usually up on the steps looking down and the other cats playing, making fools of themselves. I think Chloe feels she is much too special than to play like a regular cat.

Another reason Chloe is special is because she is the only cat allowed to go outside. Actually she is only allowed on the deck.
There are two reasons why we allow her on the deck:

a. she is too fat to get through the posts on the deck to hop off.
b. even is she got off the deck she is so fat even I could out run her

So, Gypsy has to share the deck with Chloe from time to time. Chloe likes to relax on the deck away from the other cats. She'll lounge on the chair and the rest of the cats will look out the window at her. "Why is she so special?" She really knows how to chill out and make the most out of a lazy afternoon. We have a bunch of bird feeders out in the yard and she'll bird watch with us for an hour or two.

"Hey, crank up the grill, I could use a hot dog!"

Chloe and Gypsy like to relax inside the house too.

Gypsy is so good with the cats. She understands not to mess around with them and will always give way to the cats. If Chloe happens to walk by Gypsy's food dish while she is eating, Gyp will just take a few steps back until Chloe passes by. I know it is hard to think a dog and a cat can be friends but I really think Gypsy and Canned Ham are.

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