Friday, August 3, 2012

Chloe Is Going to Get It!

Gypsy has always been a bit of a picky eater. she isn't food driven at all. During puppy class she would spit out treats when we were trying to reward her. Who has ever seen a puppy do that. She has never gobbled her food up either. She'll stroll by the bowl from time to time and take a bite or maybe two. I've tried getting her on a feeding schedule but, that never worked. I tried making her food out of raw chicken and that didn't work very well.
Raw chicken? YUCK!
We tried mixing wet food with the dry food and she would only pick out the wet food. And it would sit around so long it would spoil. So, she has been a challenge with the food to say the least.
Hey, I like what I like OK?
She has been eating a bit better as she has aged. she really hasn't put any weight on but that is OK with me. We have settled on one brand of dog food and she seems to like it. From time to time I'll mix a bit of warm water to make a gravy. Sandi, being the health conscious one, gives her a fish oil pill with her food in the morning. She pokes a hole in the pill and squeezes the oil over the kibble and Gypsy loves it.
And it makes my coat shiny!
Gyp is not in the least food aggressive. If she is at her bowl and one of the cats decide they want some water, Gypsy will back off and let the cat have a drink.
The cats always drink my water!
The Queen Mother of the cats, Chloe (aka Canned Ham) has shown the most interest in Gypsy while she is trying to eat. Chloe will walk up to the bowl and Gyp will begin to back off. I think it is a game the cats play.
Hey, it's all yours Canned Ham!
When this started to happen on an almost daily basis, Sandi started saying "Chloe is gonna get it" and Gypsy would inch closer to the bowl and gobble up food up. The entire time keeping an eye on Chloe. She chows down like never before when Chloe is around. Not sure why but, it is a funny thing to see. All we have to say is Chloe is gonna get it!

The other day Gypsy was having a snack outside on the deck and Canned Ham was inching closer to the bowls and Gyp got up and scarfed her food down like she was starving.
she is looking at Chloe saying:
Hey, to late Canned Ham. That food was good.
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