Saturday, August 25, 2012


Gypsy and Sandi have a long standing game of tag going on. From the time she was a puppy, Gyp has had a big time in the yard trying to get someone to play tag with her. Sandi has always been a willing partner. Much more so than I am. I'm old and slow plus, this is kind of there thing. The object of the game is pretty basic, try to tag Gypsy. That is it. Sounds pretty easy but, nobody has ever come close. I've challenged guests to try to tag Gypsy and nobody has done so. I told Sandi's brother one time that if he could touch Gyp I'd give him a $100 on the spot. Being an alpha male, he strutted out into the back yard with confidence and the game was on. Gypsy darting every which way and brother leaping and diving trying to touch her. A few minutes later, brother comes dragging himself back onto the deck, sweat puring off him, huffing, puffing, and grass stained knees. While Gypsy high steps back onto the deck looking for the next victim.
Money in the Bank!

The game starts off with Sandi and Gypsy on opposite sides of the yard in a major standoff. this is like the "Shoot Out At The OK Corral." Gypsy will usually hide behind a pine tree just to be a bit more elusive and they have a major stare down. Then, one of them will make the first move.

Here is Sandi making the first move on Gypsy.
Sometimes Dino is involved. Gypsy will stand over Dino just waiting for Sandi to make a move. Sometimes Sandi is too fast and will snatch Dino away from Gyp but usually Dino belongs to Gypsy.

Dino is MINE!
Gypsy then streaks around the back yard like a bullet coming as close as she can to Sandi without being tagged. She will stop and hide behind trees, looking at Sandi and coming up with a new strategy on the next move. You can almost see her thinking.
Not even close Mom!
Gypsy is about the fastest thing on four legs. She streaks around the backyard like Usain Bolt in the Olympics.
The game usually lasts just a few minutes. After 7 years of tag, she can't keep the pace going for as long as she used to. And the other day, we had a first. Sandi tagged Gypsy. First time in 7 years. The no tag streak has ended. This is like Cal Ripken's consecutive game streak coming to an end. I don't think Gypsy is getting any slower though. I think Sandi is getting faster. Sandi and Gypsy will continue to play tag though. I don't think Gypsy really minds if Sandi tags her or not, she just likes to play.

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