Monday, August 6, 2012

Baywatch Gypsy

OK, not everyone knows that Standard Poodles are water dogs. They are and in fact were the first of the retrieving dogs. The breed usually loves the water. Gypsy isn't a fan. She will reluctantly get in the water if we are in it but only with great coaxing. She could care less.
It messes my hair up!

We try to spend as much time outside as possible. That has been a challenge this summer because of the hot, humid weather. It has been nasty. The weather will not stop us! We set up a silly little baby pool in the backyard and stick out feet in it to cool off. Money is no issue when it comes to our comfort.  It works pretty well. Gypsy on the other hand will not go in it to save here life.
I prefer a spa!
This is probably mean but, I toss Dino in the pool trying to get Gypsy to go in and make a save. Here is a little video of a water rescue made on Dino the other day.


I'm not sure where she picked up CPR.
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